M-Level - David Meirhaeghe

Bored with the way it looks: simply turn it around!

M-Level - David Meirhaeghe Spotted He is just as talented as his brother, Filip, but then in a completely different field

M-Level - David Meirhaeghe David Meirhaeghe

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David’s ‘Two Face’

Bored with the way it looks: simply turn it around!

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He is just as talented as his brother, Filip, but then in a completely different field. While his older brother was always very creative on a mountain bike, David Meirhaeghe from Ruiselede is an artist with a spray gun. His M-Level is a bicycle with two faces.


It was not the technique with the bike itself, but the technique with the paintwork that Meirhaeghe was concerned about when it came to his M-Level. It had to be a prime example of what he was capable of. Only, he simply couldn’t decide whether to go for black or white. It was a eureka moment in a steaming hot bath that gave him the answer: use both! It took much more work than expected: the paintwork alone took up around 20 hours. Not to mention all the brainwork beforehand. The logo of his company, M-Level, had to stand out clearly on the wheels. And, when sitting on the bike, it was important that you couldn’t see that the sides were in two different colours. So those were some of the ‘minor challenges’.


Under the paintwork, there’s a Taiwanese carbon frame, purchased from the manufacturer of the bicycle brand, No7Even. The nice big oversized lower tube lends itself perfectly to large designs. Not a conventional seat post on this bike, but an integrated one, so only the carbon saddle and the Cinelli RAM handlebar combination needed to be sanded down. The carbon wheels of Taiwanese origin (‘I couldn’t find ones higher than 80 mm on the web’) have Novatec axles. Fully in keeping with the style of the design, the Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres are white and the 'M-Level’ logo was purposely ‘cut off’ when applied. The lower three quarters of the letters are at the bottom of the rim; the upper three quarters are at the top. ‘The brain combines the components into an integrated whole, that’s what I learnt at art college.’ The SRAM Red group was left untouched.


David took a bit of a nosedive when he saw that yellow and green jersey-wearer, Sylvain Chavanel, rode on a two-sided coloured bike in the Tour of 2010. They had adopted his idea at Eddy Merckx Cycles, but it didn’t take long for him to be proud of the fact that they had taken a fancy to it there of all places. ‘Even though they had only done half the job, because the rear fork was sprayed in one colour. Mine is half white, half black so that you only see one colour from the side.’


  • Bored with the way it looks? Simply turn it around.

Source: Grinta!
Volume 5, no. 24, March-April 2011

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