For a correct quotation, please contact us.

We are happy to give you an indication :

Cracks on the angled down tube, upright tube or top tube + local paintwork in one solid color € 315
€ 91 is added per extra fraction .

Fractures on the lying or standing rear train + local paintwork in one solid color € 290
For each additional fraction  € 66 is added.

Fractures in delicate places such as head, ash or other hard-to-reach places + local finishing in one solid color
€ 157 is added per extra fraction .

If you want local paintwork in multiple colors after the repair, € 29 will be added per extra color.

Each frame gets a new coat of varnish for finishing. If you have a mat varnished frame, we also have to varnish the fork,
otherwise there could be a color difference between frame and fork. Varnishing the fork comes in at € 26.

If you want to have your frame completely (instead of locally) repainted after the repair, you pay less for the repair itself.
That's because part of the preparatory work is already included in the price of a refinishing.
We do not charge this twice.

Finally, we also give an extra discount of 10% on the net price if you decide to paint our M-Level logo as a brand on
the sloping down tube!

Do not hesitate and ask for info.