For a correct quotation, please contact us.
We are happy to give you an indication :

It is cheaper to have an aluminum or steel frame (re) painted than a carbon frame.
It is also cheaper to have an unpainted frame painted than to have an already painted frame painted.
Attention: new carbon frames (wholesale) must be brought in RAW (ready to paint).

The more different colors you wish to use, the higher the price.
You can choose from matte or glossy varnish for the same price. But if you choose a combination of matte & shiny, you pay extra.

The cheapest version is with stickers, these are always under the varnish.
The second is our standard finish. As much as possible is lacquered to obtain the best end result.
We always work with high-quality paint for this.

You can choose from many designs, but we can of course also make a personal custom design for you!
For example, if you bring a photo or drawing, we can continue working from there. For making such one
design, there will be a design cost. This depends on the time it takes us to tailor this design to your frame.

You can come and collect your frame from us when it is ready, or we will send it to you, but of course you pay for the transport.

Also for special options (special paints, special techniques, chrome retention, extra pretreatments, carbon visible, ...)
you pay extra.

Finally, we also give an extra discount of 10% on the net price if you decide to paint our M-Level logo as a brand on
the sloping down tube!

Do not hesitate and ask for info.