Oakley's hydro dip and personalize.
A hobby that originated a few years ago at the request of Dries Devenyns,
brings us today, day by day, 2 years ago, to the birth of MaD Custom Creations.

Today we can say that our Custom Oakley helmets and cycling glasses are known and worn worldwide.
Several great athletes have already found their way to MaD Custom Creations, something we can be very proud of.
After 2 years, we can expand our current product range with great enthusiasm with a Custom Electric Mountainbike.

And what kind of one !!! The Ednine VHE + is also the lightest and most manoeuvrable E-mountain bike on the market !!!
This E-bike is available in 2 sizes S / M and L / XL. Also in 2 wheel sizes 27.5 ”or 29”.

To do justice to our company name, we offer this E-bike with Custom paintwork.
This means that each customer will ride a unique bike and with the icing on the cake, each bike comes with a matching Custom Oakley helmet and cycling glasses !!!

Are you interested and are you curious about what this E-Mountain bike has to offer, please contact us and we will schedule a test ride.